Sizing jobs

Council Size Index

The size index was compiled using the population served by the council and the council’s expenditure.

The Authority believes it is important to use standard data that can be externally verified. Both expenditure and population were found to be key indicators of council size when sample councils were reviewed in 2015.

The size index has been applied to all councils except Auckland.

Job-sizing Different Positions

The Authority uses the Korn Ferry HayGroup system of job evaluation to size positions. The evaluation takes into account time spent on governance and representation. In recent years the Authority has concluded that in most cases the role of mayor or regional council chair is full time or near to full time, even for smaller councils, but that this is not the case for councillor roles.


Because Auckland accounts for a third of the country’s population, and also has a different governance structure, the Authority undertook separate job-sizing exercises for Auckland Council and Auckland initially had a separate determination. In the 2017-18 determination Auckland elected members received the same 1.7% increase as other members throughout the country.