Timetable for local government remuneration setting

The general policy has been that Authority engages with councils during the election year and issues determinations prior to the election to assist prospective candidates by letting them know the base remuneration for the role.

In non-election years the Authority may re-assess each council’s place in the size index based on the latest date then determine an increase reflecting any changes in the CPI or general wage growth and apply the increase to each council’s base remuneration for councillors, mayor or chair, using the revised position on the size index. If the reassessment results in a decrease in remuneration, remuneration is held at the existing levels until the next year or next election.

For positions with additional responsibilities, remuneration is adjusted pro rata to the change in base remuneration for councillors.

It is possible that the Authority could determine a general increase for mayors and chairs that is different from the increase for councillors.

For the 2017-18 year the Authority has not re-assessed each council’s place in the size index. This work was begun but not completed in time for the 2017 determination, which focussed on allowances and other issues. All elected member remuneration has been adjusted upwards by 1.7% which reflects the change in the Statistics New Zealand Labour Market Statistics for the Public Sector in the year to March 2017. These statistics are also used by the Authority as the basis for changes in parliamentary remuneration.